Gotz Maxy Aquini 16.5" 7 pc set

Gotz Maxy Aquini 16.5" 7 pc set Introducing the Maxy Aquini Gotz Doll 16.5 Inches! This 2013 doll has brunette hair in pigtails and wears an adorable beach outfit. 7 piece set. This doll has brown eyes. All our garments are perfectly finished, i.e. button-holes, pockets, and embroidery, are realistic and not sewn on as applications. The many variations of these details really help to promote the creative and motor skills of children. The deliberate abdication of electronic functions allows endless creativity and reduces unnecessary amenities. The child can concentrate on playing and learns to deal consciously with an idea. Thus cognitive abilities such as perception, learning, recall, thinking, and empathy are developed individually. For over 60 years, our standing and baby dolls have been continuously developed and improved so that they become the children's best playmate. Our Faces: Their beautifully sculptured faces and expressions speak directly to every doll parent. The personality and charm of the Gotz dolls capture the heart of every child. Superior quality and design provide a lifetime of love. Let yourself be captured by the world of Gotz dolls. Our Hair: Only the highest quality, natural-looking hair is used in Gotz dolls. This hair has been developed especially for Gotz and, in fact, is still made in Germany! It is rooted into the scalp and is thus easy to care for. Children can easily wash, st


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